Motorola Plans Between 20 and 30 New Cell Phones for 2008


What do you do when you notice that your company is losing some massive market share? If you ask Motorola, the solution is to bombard the market with an army of new products. Currently sitting as the fourth most prevalent mobile phone manufacturer in Taiwan, Motorola is preparing 20 to 30 new models for 2008 and these phones — as far as I can tell — are destined for Taiwan.

Some of the handsets may leak into other markets, but this also means that Motorola could create more than 30 new models when you take the international stage into account. So, while we expect between 20 and 30 new Motorola phones for Taiwan, there could very well be an additional 20 to 30 for North America, as well as more for Europe and so forth.

As it stands, Motorola has about a 13.6% market share in Taiwan. The numbers on the island mimic those of the worldwide market as Nokia sits on top with its 32%, followed by Sony Ericsson (20.6%) and Samsung (14-15%).

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