Colorful Bi-Plug Converts Wall Plug Into Powered USB Port

I realize that the functionality of the Bi-Plug isn’t exactly new, but this has got to be one of the more compact adapters that you’ll be able to find. In a nutshell, the Bi-Plug jams itself into an available wall outlet, opening itself up on the other end to juice up your favorite USB device, be it an iPod or one of those USBCell rechargeable batteries.

If you’re looking for something with extra technological doo-dahs, you’ll have to look elsewhere. There’s no built-in memory, MP3 player, or kitchen sink creator. All the Bi-Plug does is convert an AC/DC outlet into a powered USB port. The name sounds a little dirty and the available colors are a little fruity, but you can certainly see how useful the Bi-Plug can be.

We hear that it’ll start shipping on November 28th, but they have yet to reveal a price point.

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