This Compact PMP Makes You Go Yahee!!!!

This Compact PMP Makes You Go Yahee!!!!


Random Chinese manufacturers seem best known for knocking off the designs of popular devices. There’s no shortage of MP3 players that look a little too much like the iPod, but this seems to be the first time that a knockoff PMP has taken on the appearance of a Nokia XpressMusic cell phone.

Looking a little too much like the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, this device has been dubbed the Yahee YHM-MPE02 personal media player. That’s Yahee, folks, not Yahoo! To access all of the key functions, you simply press the buttons flanking the 2-inch QVGA color display on either side, much like the Nokia cell phone.

If you must know, the Yahee YHM-MPE02 comes equipped with 4GB of internal memory, FM tuner, built-in speakers, microSD expansion, and support for everything from WAV, ASF and MP3 to JPEG, AVI, and TXT.

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