This Compact PMP Makes You Go Yahee!!!!


image_13763_largeimagefile This Compact PMP Makes You Go Yahee!!!!Random Chinese manufacturers seem best known for knocking off the designs of popular devices. There’s no shortage of MP3 players that look a little too much like the iPod, but this seems to be the first time that a knockoff PMP has taken on the appearance of a Nokia XpressMusic cell phone.

Looking a little too much like the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, this device has been dubbed the Yahee YHM-MPE02 personal media player. That’s Yahee, folks, not Yahoo! To access all of the key functions, you simply press the buttons flanking the 2-inch QVGA color display on either side, much like the Nokia cell phone.

If you must know, the Yahee YHM-MPE02 comes equipped with 4GB of internal memory, FM tuner, built-in speakers, microSD expansion, and support for everything from WAV, ASF and MP3 to JPEG, AVI, and TXT.

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