Faster Processors Now Shipping with Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple’s been known to do this from time to time, and frankly, it’s time again. The Cupertino team has decided to treat us with a smattering of free upgrades on the Apple MacBook and most noticeable are the new processor options. They’ve stuck with Intel Core 2 Duo chips, but all the MacBooks now run on the Intel Santa Rosa platform.

Looking at the MacBooks, you now have the choice between a 2.0GHz and a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor. They all come equipped with integrated GMA X3100 graphics, an 800MHz front sie bus, and support for up to 4GB RAM. Over at the MacBook Pro side of things, you now have the option of tossing in an extra $250 to get treated o 2.6 GHz of Intel Core 2 Duo goodness. The hard drive inside the MacBook Pro is also at least a 5400rpm number.

Pricing remains largely the same, with the exception of the pack-leading 2.6GHz MacBook Pro.

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