More Specs and Deets on Verizon Voyager Messaging Phone


image_13866_largeimagefile More Specs and Deets on Verizon Voyager Messaging PhoneSome more details have been released concerning the hotly anticipated LG Voyager Messaging Phone from Verizon Wireless and it’s starting to sound better all the time. Based on what we ca see here, it’s a monumental step up from the already popular LG enV, also from Verizon Wireless and also manufactured by LG.

For starters, both the internal and external displays boast a formidable 400 x 240 resolution. Contrast this to the tiny external display on the LG enV and you’ll really start to appreciate the difference. What’s more, the outer display is actually a touchscreen, bringing in undeniable comparisons to the iPhone. It’s also notable that the on-board camera is capable of recording video at QVGA resolution.

Rounding out today’s specs on the Verizon Voyager are 240 minutes of talk time, 480 hours of standby, and a one-touch speakerphone button on the internal keypad.

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