Singapore Airlines Equips Airbus A380 With Double Bed Suites


It used to be that if you wanted to join the Mile High Club, you’d have to cram yourself and, uh, your partner into one of those terribly confining lavatories. Wouldn’t it be better to have a real bed in a real room? Well, the good news is that Singapore Airlines has equipped some of their Airbus A380 airplanes with private double bed suites.

The bad news is that they are adamantly against anyone making use of that bed for what comes naturally, and I’m not talking about sleeping. Stephen Forshaw, one of the company’s officials, says that “there are things that are acceptable on an aircraft and things that aren’t, and the rules for behaviour in our double beds are the same ones that apply throughout the aircraft.”

These are private suites, however, and the doors close completely shut. If you manage to keep our ecstatic noise level to a minimum, I don’t think there’s any way that they would know anyways… right?

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