Award-Winning SOLIO Classic Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

image_13925_largeimagefile Award-Winning SOLIO Classic Universal Hybrid Solar ChargerIt sucks being stuck out in the wild with all of your cool electronics, only to realize that there isn’t a wall outlet in sight. You’ve got your Nintendo DS, your iPod, your cell phone… and they’re all running low on juice. For times like those, you’d be well advised to also carry another gadget with you, and that gadget is the Classic Universal Hybrid Solar Charger from SOLIO.

Brice Wong of FutureLooks took the miniature solar charger out for a test drive and was very impressed with the results. Because the Solio has a built-in battery of its own, you can pre-charge the device either through its trio of solar panels or through a conventional wall outlet. This stored power can then be dispelled to the portable electronic gizmo of your choice. It comes with all sorts of plugs and adapters, including those for an iPod.

In the end, Brice gives the SOLIO solar charger a solid score of 9.0 out of 10.0, as well as the Innovation and Recommended awards.

Michael Kwan

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