Geely Looking to Hook Up With Foreign Car and Parts Maker


How’s this for a twist of fate? Normally, we find all sorts of companies outsourcing their manufacturing needs to China, because it’s just so much cheaper getting your stuff done there than, say, in the United States. Flipping over to the other side of the coin, Geely Automobile Holdings of China is reportedly looking for a foreign partner, particularly one that makes cars and car parts.

This seeking out of a foreign partner is supposed to help the company “take advantage of growth opportunity outside of its domestic market.” When Geely first formed, it was known as a manufacturer of inexpensive cars, but they are now “changing”, according to Geely chairman Li Shufu. “We are very, very eager to form alliances.”

One of China’s few privately run automakers, Geely Automobile is planning to double its capacity by next year. They also hope to set up production facilities in North America and Europe, and they are particularly interested in hooking up with Japanese automakers in this effort.

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