Gran Turismo Creators Designed Nissan GT-R Multi Function Display


image_14077_largeimagefile Gran Turismo Creators Designed Nissan GT-R Multi Function DisplayWhen you glance down at the display behind your steering wheel, you’re probably accustomed to seeing basic things like your current speed and how much gas you’ve got left. The multi-function display on the new Nissan GT-R, however, does oh so much more.

Designed by Polyphony Digital, the same people behind Gran Turismo, the Nissan GT-R multi-function display grants you instant access to all the information that a blossoming race car driver would want to know, including “everything from engine coolant temperature to steering angle”, as well as “longitudinal and lateral G-Force.” It’s just like playing the video game.

Also like the racing simulator, the system found within Nissan’s high-powered coupe “can also display data recording from your races to the supermarket, telling you how effective your driving is.” Just try to obey all posted speed limits as you attempt to outdo your last time trial, mmmkay?

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