HP Compaq Notebooks Come With Integrated EV-DO Support


image_14160_largeimagefile HP Compaq Notebooks Come With Integrated EV-DO SupportYou know what’s cool about this Compaq laptops? Not only do they let you latch onto a high-speed EV-DO network, they let you do it without a clunky external card. The connectivity is actually built right into the machine itself, providing a seamless connection to Sprint’s speedy wireless broadband-ness.

To be included on the Compaq 2710p, the 6510b, 6910p, and the 8510 series of laptops, the integrated EV-DO support is reportedly free with purchase, so you don’t even need to pony up any extra bucks to get your hands on some glorious mobile blogging, road-worthy YouTube, or random web surfing while driving to grandma’s house.

The downside is that the actual Sprint Mobile Broadband service is not included as part of the package. The service fees are all on you.

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