BlackBerry 8320 Curve from T-Mobile is Better than Free


image_14157_largeimagefile BlackBerry 8320 Curve from T-Mobile is Better than FreeUsually, when you look at cell phones that are offered for free with a new service agreement, they are pretty crappy. You’ll be lucky to score anything with Bluetooth and a digital camera. What’s interesting is that you can actually get your hands on the BlackBerry Curve (8320) from T-Mobile and make a $50 profit in the process.

The caveat is that you need to sign up for a qualifying service plan, whatever that means, so T-Mobile will probably recoup the costs from you that way anyways. Whatever the case, if you hop on over to Amazon, you’ll find that they are selling the BlackBerry Curve for a mere $74.99 “when purchased with a new service plan.” On top of this is $125 worth of rebates, resulting in a net price of -$50.01. A negative price means you just profited.

Did Amazon accidentally do a double rebate on this phone or is this deal for real? Anyone try this out and find success?

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