Pyxis GPS Watch Lets You Enjoy “Leisure Sports to the Full”


Bond. James Bond. Years ago, only secret agents could cruise around town with wristworn electronics. In the 80s, we thought we were cool with our calculator watches, but look at what our wrist-worn timepieces can do now! Westech Korea hit up the Hong Kong Electronics Fair to show off their Pyxis GPS watch, a clunky device designed for sporty types.

Stored inside are databases for several “exercise courses”, helping you enjoy “leisure sports to the full”, like marathons, hiking, and walking. The Pyxis GPS watch keeps track of elapsed time, speed, distance, and calories burned. There’s enough internal memory to store information for the last 2,000 laps.

Outside of climbing up a mountain or running down a trail, the Westech watch can also serve as a golf guide, indoor exercise trainer, and even as an in-car GPS navigator. Too bad it looks like a blocky mess.

image_14365_superimage Pyxis GPS Watch Lets You Enjoy "Leisure Sports to the Full"

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