iPhone Adapter Bundled in With iSkin CERULEAN X1 Earphones


image_14532_largeimagefile iPhone Adapter Bundled in With iSkin CERULEAN X1 EarphonesThe recessed earphone jack on the Apple iPhone has been the cause of many audiophile headaches as they cannot use their favorite set of headphones. If your favorite set of earphones happens to be the CERULEAN X1 from iSkin, your worries are now over, because the company is now including an iPhone adapter with their earbuds.

Yes, adapter. What this means is that you still don’t get to plug those earphones directly into your touchtastic glossy wonder of a cell phone. Instead, you’ve got to make use of some sort of extra plug. This is why they’re hiding the connection in the provided press photo.

In terms of features, the iSkin CERULEAN X1 earphones come with silicone comfort buds that help block outside noise, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the “deep, rich, studio-like sound quality usually only found in high-end, more expensive earphones.”

The CERULEAN X1 earphones, complete with iPhone adapter, are available now from iSkin.com for $99.

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