Toshiba Gigabeat V401 Supports One-Seg Mobile TV


image_14735_largeimagefile Toshiba Gigabeat V401 Supports One-Seg Mobile TVMan, why can’t we have devices (and services) like that on this side of the Pacific. Over in Japan where One-Seg mobile TV seems to be a way of life, Toshiba is showing off their latest creation, the Gigabeat V401.

It may look like a regular portable multimedia player, but that extending antenna is very telling of its mobile TV tendencies. In addition to television, the V401 will also do music, video, karaoke, and video games like Sonic Reversi. I never knew the blue hedgehog was into black and white chiclets.

From what I can tell, the Toshiba Gigabeat V401 rocks either a 40GB or 80GB hard drive, a 4.0-inch QVGA TFT display, and support for WMA 9 lossless.

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