Flash-Based Microsoft Zune Rises to Surface at FCC


image_14832_largeimagefile Flash-Based Microsoft Zune Rises to Surface at FCCWe were hoping that Microsoft would have a formal unveiling today, but short of that, an FCC filing is almost as good. Based on these shots dug up on the FCC website, the new Flash Zune — a.k.a. Zune Mini or Zune Nano — will be available in 4GB and 8GB flavors.

The design details are pretty scarce, but based on these rough outlines, the smaller Zune should look very close to the leaked promotional images we found last month. And here I was hoping that Microsoft would significantly up the flash-based memory ante.

If you follow through the link to technabob.com, he’s also snagged FCC filings for a matching Zune FM transmitter thingy.

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