Blaupunkt Car Stereo Ditches Ancient CDs, Opts for SD Cards


image_15152_largeimagefile Blaupunkt Car Stereo Ditches Ancient CDs, Opts for SD CardsI don’t know too many people who own CDs anymore and the ones that do typically rip the tracks into MP3 format the moment they get home. Taking the concept of iPod integration to a whole new level, the Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 car stereo doesn’t have a CD slot at all, instead getting its tunes from the front-loading SD/MMC card slot.

It will play all MP3 and WMA files, recognize your folder structure, and grab those ID3 tags and show them off on its LED display. We hear that this car deck will be the first of many to ditch CDs altogether, and it only makes sense. The Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 may not be the most powerful or most attractive car stereo, but it rocks a rather brilliant concept.

If you prefer, you can also nab an optional adapter to connect your iPod, cell phone, Bluetooth or GPS device, as well as grab tunes from your USB devices and anything rocking an analog 3.5mm audio plug. Price is set at a very reasonable $160.

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