Better Late Than Never? Palm Treo 750 Hits Rogers Wireless


image_15163_largeimagefile Better Late Than Never? Palm Treo 750 Hits Rogers WirelessWith the availability of the Treo 500, the Apple iPhone, and other attractive handsets, the Palm Treo 750 isn’t exactly the prettiest sister in the bunch. It’s also not the newest, but that seems to be the norm for Canadian mobile operators.

Rogers Wireless has announced that they will be carrying the Palm Treo 750 and it will be powered by Windows Mobile 6. This makes it the first handset in Rogers’ portfolio to get the WM6 treatment. In terms of specs, you get the usual suspects like a 300MHz Samsung processor, 128MB RAM, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, and QWERTY keyboard.

Lock yourself down to a selected three-year service agreement and you can have the Palm Treo 750 for $250. Ditch the contract and it’ll cost you $650.

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