Google Adsense Goes Mobile, Can Affiliate Marketing Be Far Behind?


Google Adsense is on the biggest earners on my personal blog, despite me dabbling in other advertising networks and avenues. It seems that everyone who wants to make money blogging will do it, at least initially, with Adsense. And now the popular ad network is going mobile.

Yesterday, Google announced the availability of Adsense for Mobile. Much like its computer-based counterpart, Adsense for Mobile serves up contextual ads, except it does it for mobile website content. They say that this is becoming the fastest growing way to make money because people use mobile devices more than ever to grab information. In fact, there are more mobile devices worldwide (cell phones, etc.) than there are TVs and computers combined.

Up until now, most mobile websites have not really been monetized. Can Adsense for Mobile do what Google Adsense did for the “main” Internet? Time will tell. At this time, Adsense for Mobile is available in 13 countries around the globe.

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