Samsung AIRAVE Extends Sprint Calling Range, Provides Free Calls


image_15258_largeimagefile Samsung AIRAVE Extends Sprint Calling Range, Provides Free CallsCan you hear me now? Of course you can, because I’m using the new Sprint AIRAVE by Samsung, a device designed to provide wireless coverage just about anywhere you have a broadband internet connection. Looking much like a router, the AIRAVE takes that broadband connection and translates it to a signal that your Sprint cell phone can use.

In this way, your call gets routed through an Internet connection back to Sprint HQ, so long as you’re within range of the AIRAVE itself. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this device is that all calls you make through the AIRAVE don’t count against your regular minutes. Instead, for a monthly free, you get unlimited calling.

It costs $15 a month for individuals and $30 a month for families. The idea is to use AIRAVE in the home to fundamentally replace your landline altogether. The AIRAVE is available now in select areas of Denver and Indianapolis for $49.99. Sprint plans to extend this opportunity to customers nationwide next year.

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