HP Pavilion dv2600 Laptop Emulates the Fluidity of Life

Forget about cold grays and unforgiving silvers, because the HP Pavilion dv2600 consumer-minded notebook boasts “organic elements” that “spout and flow across the surface, emulating the fluidity of life.” It’s supposed to be fashionable, elegant and inspiring. I just say that it looks pretty good with all that glossy black spewing out in every direction.

Featuring a 14-inch screen, the HP Pavilion dv2600 was launched at a press release in Singapore. Both on the cover and the wrist rest area below the keyboard, you’ll find an interesting “verve” imprint finish that has been etched with a “vibrant pattern.”

They don’t make much mention in terms of numbers, but we do hear that this lappie comes equipped with an integrated webcam, microphone, touch-sensitive media controls, HP QuickPlay, BrightView, Intel Centrino Duo, and Windows Vista.

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