Toyota Prius Receives Mild Facelift, Enjoys Corporate Grille

Everyone’s favorite hybrid is about to receive an extreme makeover, except it’s not all that extreme. The Toyota Prius apparently isn’t quite ready to rock a new generation, so it’s getting a mild facelift instead. The most notable change that you can see through the photo gallery is on the nose.

The front fascia has been transformed into the corporate grille we already see on the Toyota Yaris and Camry. This means that the new Prius will have a giant Toyota emblem on the front, making it gawdier than ever. They’ve shrunk the current elongated headlights into a more compact, angular cluster. Toyota has also reshaped the bumper mounted air intake.

Everything from the windshield back, however, seems to have remained the same, complete with the hopped up rear end and “Altezza”-style taillights.

Michael Kwan

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