Nissan Mixim Concept Aims to Refresh Minds With Radical Design

And radical it is. The Nissan Mixim futuristic electric coupe concept is one of the crazier cars being showcased at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. The huge gullwing doors — which seem to extend right into the roofline to make for a strange T-top look when open — are probably the most noticeable features on this radical new car.

A peek inside reveals a steering wheel that resembles resembles a video game controller, an LCD command center, and a unique 1+2 seating arrangement. Yes, I said 1+2. The driver sits in the middle of the cockpit, whereas the two passengers flank him on either side, sitting just a little more to the rear.

No gasoline or diesel here. The Nissan Mixim concept gets its grunt from a pack of high-output lithium ion batteries. Nissan calls it the Super Motor and it is designed to power the left and right wheels independently.

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