Sony PlayStation Phone Will Lack PSP Branding, Launch in February


image_15389_largeimagefile Sony PlayStation Phone Will Lack PSP Branding, Launch in FebruarySony has been pretty good about tackling every segment of the cell phone market. They have the Walkman line to satiate our need for mobile music, the Bravia line (in Asia) for mobile TV, and a whole whack of business handhelds for guys in suits. But what about mobile gaming?

We’ve been hearing about a PlayStation Phone for a long time and now a new set of rumors has risen to the surface. For starters, the supposed launch date will be in February of next year. Next, they say that the PSPhone will not have any PlayStation or PSP branding on it, possibly opening up to a new sub-brand for their cell phone games.

According to Mobile Entertainment, the Sony gaming phone will be “100% gaming focused”, complete with motion-sensing capabilities. You should probably think about that in terms of SIXAXIS, rather than Wii. Network gaming is also a possibility.

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