Dutch Scientists: Cell Phones Make Us Slow in the Brain


While the debate as to whether cell phones cause tumors continues, Dutch scientists have discovered a whole new threat related to our use of mobile phones. Apparently, frequent use of our wireless communicators can lead to “slower brain activity.” Are they sure it’s not just killing brain cells because we’re talking to some rather stupid people?

Interestingly, the flip side of the report is saying that frequent cell phone use isn’t all bad. It terns out that people who use their mobile phones a lot have a better capability “to focus on specific issues.” So, we’re slow, but we focus better. I always thought that cell phone use would lead to shorter attention spans, not longer ones.

It should be noted that the Dutch study was not causal, but rather just a correlation. The scientists compared 100 frequent mobile phone users, 100 non-users, and 100 infrequent users.

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