Enshrine Your iPod With Boomtune Tripod Speakers


image_15554_largeimagefile Enshrine Your iPod With Boomtune Tripod SpeakersI’m sure the dual “pod” in its name is a mere coincidence, but the Boomtune Mini Tripod Speaker System for iPods seems like a very nifty idea for any iPod nano owners in the audience. This speaker dock is quite different than all the other offerings in the market, because it plugs directly into the 3.5mm headphone jack in the bottom of your iPod, sending the tunes outwards via its three-pronged legs.

Because it was developed by Focal Corp Japan, you’ll know that sound quality will be top notch… well, for its size anyways. Although it’s being marketed toward the iPod owners in the audience — it works very well with first-gen shuffles as well — the Boomtune Mini is compatible with any 3.5mm equipped device that’s small and light enough to be propped up like that. If you’ve got an MP3 player whose headphone jack is on top, however, you’ll be left with an upside-down display.

Look for the Focal Boomtune Mini Tripod Speaker System in Japan for 4480 Yen (US$39).

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