Business Geeks Will Love HP 200 iPAQ Series Enterprise Handheld

Wow, a post that has nothing to do with the new iPods. I’m as surprised as you are.

Hardcore business users may have a preference for BlackBerry devices, but after taking a gander at something like the HP 200 iPAQ Series Enterprise Handheld, you may be kissing your RIM machine goodbye.

It might not have a QWERTY keyboard built in, but what you do get is a huge 4-inch VGA TFT touchscreen display, SDIO expansion, voice recording, and standard USB connectivity. You can even synchronize with Mobile Office Outlook using the integrated WiFi radio. There’s also a Bluetooth 2.0 radio for connection headsets, keyboards, and other accessories.

The HP iPAQ 200 is powered by a Marvell PXA310 (624MHz) processor, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, and Windows Mobile 6 Classic Edition.

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