Sony and NEC Both Roll Out Hybrid HDD-Based Laptops


image_15658_largeimagefile Sony and NEC Both Roll Out Hybrid HDD-Based LaptopsSpeedy Gonzalez, Batman! Both Sony and NEC rolled out a series of laptops over the weekend that don’t tout conventional hard drives. Instead, these notebooks are rocking hybrid HDDs, offering you the capacity of a spinning platter with the advantages of a solid state flash drives.

According to Akihabara News, the new hybrid HDD will increase speed, decrease power consumption, improve reliability, expedite the boot process, and reduce the level of noise. From Sony, the hybrid HDD variation is available in its Blu-Ray Type F (BTO only), whereas on the NEC front, it’s the LaVie C that can get some hybrid HDD love.

For both lappies, you’ll be required to move into the world of Vista, but that’s pretty much expected.

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