Cingular/AT&T No Longer Has Fewest Dropped Calls

Cingular/AT&T No Longer Has Fewest Dropped Calls


In fact, investigation in the matter has determined that the company never had the fewest dropped calls, despite pushing this claim through a rather elaborate marketing campaign. This new information has come up because Sprint was challenging Cingular’s assertion (which became AT&T’s assertion) and in the end, AT&T is going to drop the claim and the campaign.

The entire “fewest dropped calls of any network” advertising campaign was based “only on a small part of a larger Telephia report.” Looking further, the report noted that “AT&T Wireless did not have the most reliable network in places like New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.” I guess they had the fewest dropped calls in some places, but not others.

According to an AT&T spokesperson, they are simply shifting away from “fewest dropped calls” and toward “more bars in more places.” No rationale was given by this spokesperson.

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