Mitsubishi Delivers 3D Entertainment from 2D Blu-ray Movies


image_15870_largeimagefile Mitsubishi Delivers 3D Entertainment from 2D Blu-ray MoviesAwesome. Enjoying high definition movies is already pretty cool, but Mitsubishi wants to add a whole new dimension to your entertainment. Instead of being restricted to just two dimensions, you will soon be able to watch any Blu-ray movie in glorious 3D. Better still, the movie didn’t need to be made specifically for a 3D application, because Mitsubishi can translate any 2D movie into a 3D one.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that you’re stuck with some funky 3D glasses in order to achieve the effect. Mitsubishi’s 3D Blu-ray players are still a work in progress, so don’t go rushing into your local Best Buy or Fry’s just yet. It’ll be interesting to see how convincing the 3D-ness is. Will it be awesome or just another lame gimmick?

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