iPod Shuffle Transformed into a Musical Watch

Sort of. It’s not exactly the same as the MP4 watch, but this rubbery contraption for the iPod shuffle comes pretty close. As you can see, the iPod Shuffle Wrist Strap is basically a watch without the watch portion, granting that real estate instead to a spot for your clip-tastic music player.

Given that the iPod Shuffle already has a clip on it, you’ve got to wonder why someone would ever need a contraption like this. That, and I’d imagine that the headphone cord would get all up in your business as you partake in your morning jog. At least it comes in a variety of colors: blue, black, green, white, pink, and purple. No love for orange, unfortunately.

On the upside, the iPod Shuffle Wrist Strap is just ten bucks. I’m sure it cost the manufacturer only 20 cents to make though. :)

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