hField Technologies Promises 1000 Foot Range with WiFi Boosting Device


Maybe you live down the street from a Starbucks and you don’t feel like paying for your own Internet access. You’d love to be able to leech off of their wireless broadband connection, but your laptop’s internal WiFi card just isn’t strong enough to grab that signal. What is a leecher to do? You can’t be bothered to walk down and buy a latte every time you want to check your email, can you?

Well, you won’t need to do that anymore, if this tiny device delivers as promised. hField Technologies has developed the Wi-Fire, a credit-card sized gadget that extends the WiFi range of your wireless card by up to 1000 feet through a high sensitivity receiver and propriety software.

There are a couple caveats that you’ll have to keep in mind however. For starters, it’s a directional antenna, so you’ll need to point it in the right direction. Secondly, that 1000 foot range is probably based on having absolutely no interference (no walls, etc.) in the way.

Pricing on the hField Wi-Fire has been set at $79.

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