The X-Mini Pocket Accordian is Really a Portable Speaker

Sometimes, it’s just not convenient having to lug around a iPod speaker dock with you. Sharing tunes with your friends is fun and all, but you want something smaller, more compact, and possibly even more trendy. Enter the X-mini accordion style vacuum tube speaker from the folks at XMI. It looks to be about the size of a large golf ball when in its standby configuration, but you can expand it open like an accordion and blast quietly release some music onto the people around you.

The miniature X-mini speaker includes built-in bass support and a rechargeable battery. The provided connection cable can either link up via a standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack or through a USB connection if you prefer to use this with your computer. The price is alright, at just $32, but I’d imagine the sound quality and decibel level could leave much to be desired.

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