Polk Audio miDock Portfolio Puts Halo Around Sirius Stiletto


image_16127_largeimagefile Polk Audio miDock Portfolio Puts Halo Around Sirius StilettoWe’ve seen speaker docks like this designed for the Apple iPod, but this is the first time that I’ve seen a set that seems to enshrine the Sirius Stiletto. Compatible with the Stiletto 10, Stiletto 100, and the Stiletto 2, the Polk Audio miDock Portfolio is meant to be a portable speaker system so that you can share that satellite radio goodness with everyone else at the beach this summer.

Because of its supposedly rugged design — I think it looks too fashionable and glossy to truly be considered rugged — the miDock Portfolio should be able to take a fair bit of abuse from the great outdoors. The “portfolio” part of its name comes from the fact that you can fold it flat for easy traveling.

You can either power it via the provided AC adapter or on a set of AA batteries. There’s also a wireless remote control included in the box, and it’ll support other media players through the auxiliary input.

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