Leaked Code Hints at Official iPhone Games


image_16300_largeimagefile Leaked Code Hints at Official iPhone GamesThere is no shortage of complaints surround the iPhone, but one of the more popular ones that has been floating around on the interweb is the Apple cell phone’s lack of games. Heck, even the most budget of mobile phones these days come with something. A crappy puzzle game, a blurry car racing game… something. But with the iPhone, we’re left completely game-less. But that might be changing soon.

The people at Download Squad decided to snoop around the iTunes localization strings and what they found were a couple of items that point directly to iPhone games. The two strings read:

/* ===== iPhone Game Item Strings ===== */
“4329.001” = “Are you sure you want to remove the selected game from your iPhone?”;
“4329.002” = “Are you sure you want to remove the selected games from your iPhone?”;

What games are you asking me to remove? There would be no reason to provide one of these “are you sure” messages unless there were games to remove in the first place, so we’ve got to assume that Apple is stirring something up, possibly downloadable games via iTunes, just as they did for the iPod. Stay tuned.

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