Full Apple iPhone Unlock Only Works With Certain SIM Cards

The good news is the Apple iPhone can be used in Europe with just about any mobile operator you like. The bad news is that there are still a few hoops that you need to jump through. Remember that reverse engineering project that was going on and how they said that they could SIM unlock the iPhone. Well, they apparently accomplished their mission.

It turns out that the SIM unlock works but only with certain types of SIM cards. If you’ve got an old school V1 SIM card, then you’ll be able to use the published method and program, and use the iPhone freely with your chosen network. However, if you’re rocking a V2 or V3 SIM — most modern cards are these types — then you’re still out of luck. This is because V2 and V3 cards use a different kind of encryption.

Will the geeks be able to get past the V2/V3 encryption and give us a full SIM unlock for the iPhone? Time will tell.

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