Mac Mini Survives Chopping Block, Gets Minor Processor Update


image_16373_largeimagefile Mac Mini Survives Chopping Block, Gets Minor Processor UpdateWhile it didn’t receive the same redesign treatment as the Apple iMac, the Mac Mini should count its blessings that Steve Jobs didn’t toss the little wonder out the window altogether. The Mac Mini, despite earlier rumors that it would be discontinued, is still alive and kicking, and what’s more, it has received a processor upgrade.

Aesthetically, the “new” Mac Mini will look exactly like its predecessor in just about every way. It’ll still be remarkably small, square-shaped with rounded corners, and feature that unassuming Apple logo that everyone seems to love. The only difference is that the processor found within will either be the 1.83GHz or 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, rather than the 1.66/1.83GHz options you had just a couple days ago. As is the norm, pricing has remained the same.

The slightly upgraded Mac Mini is available now through the Apple store.

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