Live Shots: New Generation Apple iMac Looks a Little Retro

image_16409_largeimagefile Live Shots: New Generation Apple iMac Looks a Little RetroSteve Jobs was back to his old ways, getting hordes of grown adults to swoon over his new toys. The new Apple iMac was revealed yesterday and based on these hands-on pictures, I think you’d have to agree that it is quite the beauty.

The actual form factor is very similar to the current iMac, taking on the look of an extended LCD monitor, but you’ll notice several very notable chances. For starters, they’ve tossed that stereotypical glossy white finish aside in favor of a retro-tacular stainless steel. The new iMac also appears to be a fair bit thinner than its predecessor.

Keeping with the skinny theme, the keyboard that comes as part of the package is crazy slim as well. The technical specifications have not been revealed yet, but I’d imagine that they’d be slight improvements over the current offering for about the same price.

Michael Kwan

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