Electric Car Goes Over 100km/h Powered by AA Batteries

Electric cars are nothing new, but they typically require some sort of special power pack to be able to actually, you know, move around. Such is not the case with this soapbox racer. It’s powered by 192 Panasonic AA batteries. Yes, those regular old dry cell batteries that you plunk into your wall clock, cordless mouse, or Wii remote.

Showcased at the Panasonic Oxyride Speed Challenge in Japan, this little speed demon has been immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest car in the world to use standard dry cell batteries. Measuring 3.3 meters in length, 0.78 meters wide and 0.56 meters tall, the electric car weighs just 38 kilograms.

In one pass, the Panasonic-powered electric car “reach top speeds of 122km/h”. Now that’s pretty bloody fast.

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