Transform Your S60 Device into an iPhone


image_16460_largeimagefile Transform Your S60 Device into an iPhoneWe’ve seen the iPhone theme for Windows Mobile devices and now the same kind of Apple-esque love is being shared with the S60-based users in the audience. A theme mimicking that found on the iPhone has been developed for S60 3rd edition cell phones, complete with the hot black background and funky application icons.

Dubbed the “V-Theme” — I’m surprised they didn’t go with iTheme or some variant — this S60 theme “uses the function of flash” to perform the transformation. Your mobile phone will need S60 3rd edition, naturally, as well as Flash 2.0 or above. There are three pre-installed skins to choose from. Assuming that you don’t have a touchscreen, you’ll have to mosey on through the menus using a regular 5-way navigator. Nope, no flipping photo albums for you.

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