Samsung i570 Smartphone Hides Its QWERTY Keyboard

There are two main kinds of slider phones out there. There are the conventional sliders that slide “upwards” revealing a standard numerical keypad and then there are Pocket PC devices that have a QWERTY keyboard that pops out the side. Samsung has clearly decided that they want to do things a little differently. Much like the Samsung i620, the rumored Samsung i570 has a QWERTY keyboard that slides out the bottom, giving you an almost Motorola Q-like experience.

By going with the slider form factor, Samsung has allowed the i570 to have a small footprint when not in use. It also means that you can access most of its main functions without having to rely on the sliding keyboard. They’ve got the connectivity side of things covered as well with WiFi and HSDPA housed under the hood. A 2.0 megapixel primary camera and VGA video call camera round out the feature list.

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