Nokia Launches Viral Website to Hype Nokia N81 Music Phone


image_16470_largeimagefile Nokia Launches Viral Website to Hype Nokia N81 Music PhoneIt looks like Nokia is getting with the times and realizing that online viral marketing is easily one of the biggest ways to build hype around your product. And now they’ve done it for the upcoming Nokia N81. Earlier today, we reported that Nokia will be launching an online music store on on August 29th. We also said that the Finnish phonemaker could have a few extra surprises for us on that day.

Well, if you go to, you’ll find what appears to be Nokia’s viral website set up specifically for that day. The strange animation depicts what appears to be portions of the 8GB Nokia N81 music phone. This “date as a domain” strategy is currently working wonders for Cloverfield, a secret monster movie being produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost). You can peep that site here.

Getting back to Nokia, their advertising campaign not only makes use of a viral website, they’re also buying Google ads that show an obscured image of the handset, complete with a countdown timer. I guess the N81 is a pretty big deal.

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