Shave Strokes Off Your Game with the Westech GPS Watch

When you arrive at most golf courses, they will provide you with a course layout guide, telling how what’s par for each hole, showing any hazards that may get in your way. More expensive golf courses sometimes have these guides integrated into their golf carts, complete with GPS. Well, not all of us can afford to go to these fancier places, so this handy gadget is the next best thing.

The Pyxis GPS Watch by Westech Korea has been designed specifically for golfers. As you approach each hole, it’ll show the green, bunkers, hazards, yardage, and all that other pertinent information to help you choose the best possible shot. Of course, you’ll still need to rely on your Tiger Woods-like talent to get the little dimpled ball where you want to go, but at least the GPS watch can point you in the right direction.

In addition to its golfing application, the Pyxis GPS watch also features functions for exercise, climbing, and in-car navigation.

image_16516_superimage Shave Strokes Off Your Game with the Westech GPS Watch
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