Free WiFi Access for iPhone Users at Over 100,000 Hotspots


Well, at least for the month of August. iPhone users can hop into any of the 100,000+ WiFi hotspots offered by Boingo Wireless and enjoy the blazing high-speed of wireless broadband. Obviously, this is on a trial basis only, and then if your iPhone-touting friend happens to like Boingo’s coverage, he or she can then sign up for their service, which provides WiFi access in a number of public locations, including airports, hotels, cafes, and other “metropolitan hot zones.”

Of course, you don’t need WiFi to fully enjoy the functionality of the Apple iPhone, but there’s no denying that a WiFi connection will be considerably faster than that snail of a EDGE connection that the iPhone has to put up with most of the time. Boingo claims that they have the world’s largest aggregated Wi-Fi network.

Whether you plan on signing up with Boingo or not, this is a great opportunity to take their network for a test drive.

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