Hacha PC20 PMP: Looks Like iPhone, Could Even Be Thinner


image_16670_largeimagefile Hacha PC20 PMP: Looks Like iPhone, Could Even Be ThinnerI know, I know, the resemblance to the iPhone is a little uncanny, but the Hacha PC20 is not the latest cell phone to mimic the look of Apple’s mobile. It’s just a personal media player, but man alive is it thin. Hacha has managed to shave precious millimeters off of this portable video-watching machine, effectively giving the PC20 PMP a ridiculously slim profile of just 7.7mm.

On the downside, Hacha has yet to announce the official spec sheet, so we’re left guessing what kind of file format support it’s going to have and how much memory we’re going to find inside. what we can tell you is that the display is impressively large at a solid 3-inches across the diagonal.

More details as they become available.

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