Pyramid-Shaped Phoebus Converts 3G Connection into WiFi Network

Yup, straight out Giza! Top Global has created their Phoebus MB6000, a pyramid-shaped device that takes just about any 3G data connection and translates it into a standard WiFi signal, allowing you to share that Internet connection with any computer in the area. Naturally, you have to be somewhere that is blanketed in 3G to begin with, but now you don’t have to bother buying 3G cards for all your notebooks and other devices. And you don’t have to hire a bunch of slaves to build it either.

The 3G Phoebus MB6000 is compatible with most EV-DO, UMTS, and HSDPA networks, as well as slower EDGE/GPRS connections. It doesn’t pick up on these signals on its own, however, needing any number of PCMCIA cards from Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T, or whoever. After getting this card, however, it can convert the 3G-ness into WiFi-ness at will.

Available now from X-treme Geek, the Top Global 3G Phoebus MB6000 retails for $289.

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