Philips + Swarovski = Blinged-Out Flash Drives and Earphones


image_16746_largeimagefile Philips + Swarovski = Blinged-Out Flash Drives and EarphonesPhilips wants to provide you with some pretty sweet eye candy, so they’re not only going to inundate you with some pretty models, they’re going to bling out their USB memory courtesy of some help from Swarovski. The company has just launched a new line of “fashionable computing accessories” that they call Active Crystals.

To be available in Korea in August, the Active Crystals line will include high-end USB flash drives and earphones with Swarovski crystals encrusted throughout. Pricing for the various items will range somewhere between 200,000 KRW and 300,000 KRW. That translates to about $220 and $330. Yeah, not exactly the cheapest thumb drives on the market, but they’re certainly among the shiniest.

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