A Closer Look at the $10 Million Honda FCX Concept Car


image_17079_largeimagefile A Closer Look at the $10 Million Honda FCX Concept CarThe Honda FCX isn’t exactly a new concept, but very few people have had the opportunity to actually walk their way through this revolutionary vehicle. While you won’t be driving one around on the Autobahn any time soon, this hands-on video from T3 is almost as good a look at the Honda FCX as you’re going to get.

Instead of relying on conventional gasoline, the FCX concept — which cost Honda a hefty $10 million — comes “equipped with a V Flow1 fuel cell platform consisting of a compact, high-efficiency fuel cell stack arranged in an innovative center-tunnel layout.” Did you catch all that? Yeah, me neither.

In any case, I think the car just looks like an extra round Honda Accord, but I guess it’s all that environmentally-friendly technology under the hood that makes the difference.

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