Bob Lutz: Diesel-Powered Cadillac and Saturn Cars Promised By 2010


Let’s see here. As gas prices continue to rise and more people become concerned about global warming, car makers are starting to make alternative fuels a bit more of a priority. Toyota has already said that everything will be a hybrid eventually, but the team at General Motors is taking a slightly different approach.

GM head honcho Bob Lutz apparently dropped a pretty major bomb, saying that the company is working on a diesel-electric hybrid platform and it just may be shown off in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show. That model will likely be an e-flex Opel Vectra. A diesel in Europe isn’t that big a deal, but when the Detroit Motor Show rolls around in January, GM plans on showcasing the same e-flex technology in a Saturn, most likely the Aura sedan. And then, “it’ll end up in a Cadillac, and there will be a front-wheel-drive version of the engine in 2009 or 2010 calendar year.”

If you’re not familiar with the e-flex powertrain — first shown in the Chevy Volt earlier this year — it’s where “a traditional engine such as a diesel or gasoline engine, recharges a battery pack that provides power for an electric motor.”

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