Robotic Hand: Remote Heart Surgery Closer Than You Think (Video)


Technology, as I’m sure you’re well aware, is advancing at an increasingly expedient pace. What was hot and innovative just a couple years ago is mundane and conventional today. We normally talk about laptops, cell phones, and that kind of thing around here, but let’s take a brief break to check this out.

A magnetic hand glove has been developed by Akita University of Japan. This glove detects movement and converts the exact same actions to a remote robotic hand, allowing that machine to play the piano, for example. With the onboard 3 axial magnetic sensors, the movement mirroring is remarkably precise. It’s so precise that they believe with some more work, it “can be used by surgeons to perform robotic surgery over the Internet.”

Can you imagine? A surgeon performing open heart surgery while sipping on an umbrella drink in Tahiti?

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