Next-Gen HTC Devices with Fingerprint Readers, Hard Drives, and CDMA/GSM Radios

Oh, HTC. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Or rather, how about you guys go ahead and count the ways that I love you by describing your company roadmap, outlining the various devices you have coming down the chute.

Based on a report by CTI Miami, HTC has a lot of fantastic stuff on the way. Here’s the Coles Notes version:

- Kaiser: Similar to the Sprint Mogul and the Telus HTC P4000, except it is based in GSM instead of CDMA
- Vogue: An iPhone handheld much like the HTC Touch
- Nike: Windows Mobile 6 Professional, touchscreen, and a slide-up numerical keypad
- Iris: Like the T-Mobile Dash, except it’s got CDMA EV-DO Rev.A
- Polaris: An updated Artemis with integrated GPS
- Sedna: Both GSM and CDMA radios, as well as a fingerprint reader
- Shangri-La: The granddaddy of them all with a Shift-like appearance, CDMA/EDGE radios, 800MHz processor, 30/40GB hard drive, dual cameras, finger recognition

For more specific details, check the Via link below.

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